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Language Development

About the Designers
What is language?
Theories of Language Development
The Pre-Linguistic Phase
Beginnings of Intentional Communication
Guidelines for Intentional Communication
Intentional Communication: why?
Four Main Aspects of Language
Aquiring Words
Errors In Word Learning
Fun Facts

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So you are interested in language huh? Well.. maybe you have never really thought much about it. Maybe perhaps, you are thinking, "gee.. what a silly topic, I speak english therefore I know allll about language". You are wrong my dear friends! Unless you are Dr. Furrow or some other language development genius, you are just treading water on the surface of the topic!
Now, because of this, us girls here have taken it upon ourselves to try to "knowledge you" a little more on this lovely topic.
No, we are not language geniuses, however, we do know our share so please .. please enjoy. OH! and give us feedback ;).
Thanks all;
Happy learning;
Ashley Campbell and Lindsay Mailman