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Language Development

Guidelines for Intentional Communication
About the Designers
What is language?
Theories of Language Development
The Pre-Linguistic Phase
Beginnings of Intentional Communication
Guidelines for Intentional Communication
Intentional Communication: why?
Four Main Aspects of Language
Aquiring Words
Errors In Word Learning
Fun Facts

Intentional communication develops between 8-10 months.

Characteristics of Intentional Communication
-eye contact while gesturing and vocalizing.
-alternating gaze between object and partner.
-consistent gestures and ritualization of gestures.
-using the same gesture and vocalization combination for one particular object, event or situation.
-persistent if communicative attempts aren't noticed.
-can modify attempts to be noticed.
For example: Every time a child sees a chair child points at chair as says "chay!" The child continues to point at the "chay" why looking back and forth from the chair to the partners eyes to back to the chair to make sure partner understands what the child is talking about. Accordingly, the child only says "chay" when pointing to a chair, therefore the gestures and vocalization os consistent and ritualized.