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Language Development

Fun Facts
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What is language?
Theories of Language Development
The Pre-Linguistic Phase
Beginnings of Intentional Communication
Guidelines for Intentional Communication
Intentional Communication: why?
Four Main Aspects of Language
Aquiring Words
Errors In Word Learning
Fun Facts

Parents and adults tend to shape word meaning in children before they shape grammar (Baron,1992;Brown,Cazden,&Bellus,1969,as cited in Shaffer,,2002).

Both infants who are deaf and infants who can hear babble.

The babbling of deaf infants matches the rhythms of sign language and is similar in pattern to the babbling of hearing babies. (Petitto, Holowka, Sergio,Levy,& Ostry, 2004).
Deaf children who are  not exposed to formal sign language (ASL) develop  home sign,which has structures that are simmilar to the American Sign Language ( Goldin-Meadow,Mylander,&Butcher,1995,as cited in Siegler,&Alibal,2005).
By first grade most children understand about 10,000 words (Anglin.1993,as cited in Siegler,&Akibali,2005).

By fifth grade children understand about 40,000 words ( Anglin,1993,as cited inSiegler,&Alibali,2005).  


Babys first birthday