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Language Development

About the Designers

About the Designers
What is language?
Theories of Language Development
The Pre-Linguistic Phase
Beginnings of Intentional Communication
Guidelines for Intentional Communication
Intentional Communication: why?
Four Main Aspects of Language
Aquiring Words
Errors In Word Learning
Fun Facts

Ashley Campbell, 21 years old.

Ashley Campbell is in her third year at Mount St. Vincent University doing a four-year Bachelor of Arts with an Advanced Major in Psychology and a minor in Child and Youth Studies. She is interested in child development and cases of problem behaviours in adolescence and adolescence in general. When not studying (which is rare for her not to study!) she can be found singing and various events, songwriting, TRYING to play instruments (guitar, keyboard), as well as drawing portraits, going to church, going to Jesus related events, running around being a nut and just sitting around with friends. Oh did I mention work? Yes that too.. but she is incredibly bored with it!
Ashley is very interested in the development of language and is very happy with providing information on this topic.

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Lindsay Mailman, 21

Lindsay is in her fourth year at Mount Saint Vincent University,currently working on a BA with an advanced major in psychology, and a double minor in sociology and philosophy/religious studies. She enjoys writing, singing, painting, and spending time with family, friends, and her boyfriend. When she's not at school, she's working at China Town or at the University bookstore.